A New Journey of life

NCTU is a pioneer university pioneer in the field of engineering, especially Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering(EECS). It locations add more to its beauty surrounded by flora and fauna. When I first came to this university a year back I wasn't sure that I could ever live in a country with an entirely different culture and language than mine. But gradually the love and affection shown by the people of Taiwan and especially the homely environment I got in this college made me feel at home. I get to experience a lot of thing in this past one year and got a chance to meet so many people from different ethnicity. It's really amazing to work and study in such kind of environment. Only a few days have passed then we had our welcome BBQ part for international students. It was a  great experience and fun to meet new peoples and make some new friends.
      At BBQ Welcome party

Talking of BBQ, food was the main thing I was worried about as the taste and foods are very different then what I use to have in my country, So yeah it was little tough for me to adjust with the food in beginning but gradually I started to go out with friends to local night markets and other local shops and try Taiwanese's food and developed the taste for Taiwanese's food. In NCTU there are lots of options for food especially for non-vegetarians, a lot of shops are there from noodles to main food to fruit juices everything you can get inside the campus, there are two family marts, one highlife, one 7-eleven inside the campus so all the basic amenities can be fullied insides the campus without worrying about going to market.

Juice Center
Dining Hall

Dining Hall 1
Dining Hall 2

Pink House

 One of the best things about this place is that it normally have cool weather and especially nights are awesome. Since here mostly people speak and prefer mandarin, so it was important for me to learn Mandarin so as to have a normal interaction with my labmates and classmates or also order somethings in shops. Luckily In NCTU, we have free Chinese courses for international students designed especially keeping in mind of students from different ethnicity. The teacher tries her best to make the class as much interactive, fun and entertaining as possible. she makes each student involved in some kind of activity, play, act to make us understand it a better and easy way. I know most people think that Chinese is tough but after taking the Chinese class here, It didn't seem that tough to me. To give us the better understanding of Taiwan and its culture college organized few trips to some historical sites in Taiwan during our spring break.

                       Some Beautifull and fun moments from Chinese class!! 

Regarding Academics, this college as the best environment, facilities, and opportunities for students to do their research work. Being located in the prime location of Taiwan with 3 Science parks nearby, it has a huge leverage over other colleges, in terms of placements, internships. Approximately 50-60% employee in science parks are NCTU Alumni. I am currently a master's 2nd-year student here in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, My research area is Intelligent System Control. The kind of facilities and the support I get from my project advisor and labmates in my lab regarding research is really remarkable. He really cares and supports his students both morally and financially. When I came here one year back I had just basic knowledge about my field but within a year with the help of my advisor and the professors' whose courses I took, helped me to build a strong platform for my future endeavors. Talking about the kind of courses offered here. As per my experience, they have a great quality of courses and all in relevance to the current trend of technology research and development. The level of Assignments and projects given in those courses are all set to very high standards. Its Exams are quite tough and require a lot of effort to get a good score.But for international students 82% is minimum required to maintain their scholarship, So yeah all those thinking of having an easy time here, wake up and pull up your socks hahaha. But all these efforts and sacrifices pay off when you graduate, and get a job in one of the top most company in Taiwan with a huge salary...

Engineering building 5
Class Room
Now let's take a sneak peek into the campus of NCTU. As its secluded from the crowed part of the city, it's always quiet and calm giving a perfect environment for students to concentrate on their studies. It has a huge campus with a lot of beautiful spots inside. My personal favorite spot is lakeside beside the Student activity center, reason being, its quiet and as serene view, I often go there to for some epiphany in times of solace due to my work pressure or other things. This campus has a huge and beautiful library, which is the best for all the nerds out here to grab a seat and take whatever they want to study from their and study. but it, not all borings its seems, it has a movie center where day play all sorts of movies in the English language, you can just go and select what you want to see and watch. it has a cafeteria too inside in the basement for some refreshment. There is an old saying All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so for the recreation, there are lots of sports activities for the students to show their endurance and skills not just in studies but also in the field like baseball, tennis, basketball, swimming, badminton etc.There is also an activity center where students practice dance, play guitar, etc in their leisure time.
Student Activity Center
NCTU Library

Ubike stand

Lake Side near Student Activity center

Tennis Court

Tennis Court

OIA building 


Swimming Pool

Athletics Field

Baseball ground

Graduate Dorm 2

Night View At the lake

My journey till now in Taiwan is full of new experiences, some of the most memorable moment, of self-discovery and personal growth filled with unforgettable memories. I have gained better perspective which changed my view on life, shaped my character, confidence, and self-dependence within these one year. I feel it is the best decision of my life to choose this college and come to this beautiful and lovely country Taiwan.


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